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Rejection, What Rejection?

The tiny stove wasn’t large enough to heat the room. His fingers would go numb as he wrote. At the end of his rope — out of money with a wife and young child to support. He had been writing five years but every publisher rejected his novels.

He went west, spent six months with cowboys, and wrote another novel. He knew he had a winner. Rejected again, he fell into despair. But his wife encouraged him to try one more time. When he was rejected again, he pleaded with the editor at Harper to read it. The editor published it and that started a remarkable career.

I really like what am seeing here and…

Random quote:

“When you summon the courage to travel to the center of your fear, you often find that there is nothing there.”

— Deborah Rosado Shaw

Zane Grey became one of the first millionaire authors — 90 books published, selling more than 40 million copies. Fifty of his novels were turned into more than 100 western movies.

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